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Innovation. Public Service. Community Leadership. Philanthropy.

The University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association is proud to honour our graduates who have excelled in their respective fields and enhanced their communities. On October 26, we paid tribute to these esteemed individuals and their achievements at the annual Alumni Achievement Awards Gala; an evening to honour our alumni and recognize their determination and influence. View photos from this year's event.

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Dr. Gregg Adams (DVM’82)
Presented for his excellence in education and research.

Dr. Gregg Adams, U of S professor of veterinary biomedical sciences since 1991, has worked with colleagues across campus to develop an innovative reproductive research program. Gregg’s team recently celebrated the birth of the world’s first bison babies from in vitro fertilization and frozen embryos, paving the way for species recovery. Among his numerous awards is the U of S Distinguished Researcher Award. Watch Gregg's video.

Dr. John Conly (MD’78)
Presented for his commitment to advancing the medical profession and his dedication to public service.

Dr. John Conly is internationally-recognized as one of the world’s leading infectious diseases specialists and a pre-eminent expert on antimicrobial resistance, serving on advisory groups within the World Health Organization in this capacity. John was the recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal from the Alberta Medical Association, which is awarded for outstanding personal contributions to the medical profession. Watch John's video.

Max FineDay (BA’15)
Young Alumni Achievement Award winner. Presented for his excellence in Aboriginal initiatives and community leadership.

Max FineDay is the co-executive director of Canadian Roots Exchange, a national charity that brings together Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to explore reconciliation through exchange programs, national conferences and leadership development. He co-developed Next Up: First Nations and Metis Youth in Action in 2014, a Saskatchewan-wide program focused on supporting emerging Indigenous youth leaders through skills and issues-based training. Watch Max's video.

Dr. Sherril Gelmon (PHYSIO’76)
Presented for her outstanding contributions to education and research.

Sherril Gelmon’s career has been devoted to developing management, policy and organizational research in health care. She received the 2017 Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership from the Association of University Programs in Health Administration for her contributions to health administration, education and leadership. She is currently a professor at the Oregon Health and Science University and Portland State University School of Public Health. Watch Sherril's video.

Jo-Ann Hnatiuk (BSN’95)
Presented for her outstanding public service.

In 2003, Jo-Ann Hnatiuk was deployed to Afghanistan as a critical care nursing officer for the Canadian Forces. She served in the intensive care unit and emergency room, and provided clinical education for air transport and pediatrics. In 2007, Jo-Ann was redeployed as an air medevac nurse with the Task Force Afghanistan Corsair Medevac Unit in an effort to augment the U.S. Blackhawks’ medevac. Watch Jo-Ann's video.

Dr. David Mulder (MD’62)
Presented for his commitment to athletics, sports, wellness, education and research.

Dr. David Mulder became surgeon-in-chief at the Montréal General Hospital in 1977. Among many positions he holds, Dr. Mulder is the medical director of the McGill Sports Medicine Centre and consulting staff for the Montréal Canadiens and Montréal Alouettes. David helped develop a trauma care system in Quebec based on regionalization of care. In 1997, he was recognized as a member of the Order of Canada. Watch David's video.

Jeff Norris (BA’97)
Presented for his outstanding community leadership and philanthropy.

Jeff Norris’s career in non-profit organizations began in the ‘90s when he led The Big Bike Ride for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Jeff, currently president and CEO of Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation in New Westminster B.C, received the Giving Hearts Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (Vancouver chapter) and a Forty under 40 Award by Business in Vancouver. Watch Jeff's video.

Brian Towriss (BComm’78)
Presented for his commitment to athletics, sports and wellness.

As the head coach of Huskie football for 33 years, Brian Towriss has left a legacy of leadership and excellence. The winningest coach in Canadian university football history, Brian led the Huskies to nine Vanier Cup appearances and three national championships (1990, 1996 and 1998). Brian was awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2007) and was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (2017). Watch Brian's video.

Ralph Young (BE’67)
Presented for his excellence in business and industry, and community service.

For 43 years, 16 as president and CEO, Ralph Young was integral to the success of Melcor Developments Ltd., a real estate development company based in Edmonton. Ralph’s work has been recognized with several awards, including the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Alberta Centennial Medal, and the City of Edmonton Salute to Excellence. He served as the chancellor of the University of Alberta from 2012-2016. Watch Ralph's video.

About the Award

The Alumni Achievement Awards are presented annually to U of S graduates who advance the reputation of the University of Saskatchewan and the Alumni Association. Award recipients are chosen for their outstanding achievements and innovation; commitment to excellence; community engagement and leadership; and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of society.

Alumni successes will be recognized through their exemplary contributions in fields such as:

  • Aboriginal initiatives
  • agriculture
  • the arts
  • athletics, sports and wellness
  • business and industry
  • community leadership
  • education
  • occupations or professions
  • philanthropy
  • public service
  • research
  • volunteer service

Note: The above are not categories nor an all-inclusive list. They are only suggestions to consider for nominees.

Established in 1978, the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Association Awards honour the outstanding accomplishments of our alumni and attest to the excellence of the University of Saskatchewan educational experience.

View the Alumni Achievement Awards Terms of Reference.

Past Recipients


View the 2016 awards photo gallery

Roma Franko 
(BA'59, BEd'61, MA'71)
Iain MacLean (BA'62, BEd'63)
Grit McCreath (BEd'91)
Ross Phillips (MSc'11)
Dr. Bruce Reeder (MD'76)
Noelle Rohatinsky (BSN'02, MN'08, PHD'13)
Ashley Smith (LLB'07)
Myron Stadnyk (BE'85)
Paul Suchan (BEd'07, BMUSED'07)
Dr.John Wedge (MD'69)
Audrey Zettl (BSN'63)


Daphne Arnason (BComm’77)
Mark Boots* (BE’08, BSc’08, PhD’13)
Richard (Rich) Burton (BE’68, MSc’71, PhD’75)
Delwyn (Del) Fredlund (BE’62)
Namarta Kochar* (BA’00)
Dr. Ryan Meili* (BSc’00, MD’04)
Jennifer Pereira* (BA’01, LLB’03)
Richard (Dick) Rempel (BA’58)
Al Schreiner (BE’63)
Lynne Van Luven (BA’68)
Janet Verjovsky (BA’64)
Kwok-Keung (Peter) Wong (MSc’75)

*Young alumni recipients are subject to the same criteria; however, they must be under 35 years of age and have graduated from the U of S no more than 10 years ago.”


View the 2014 awards photo gallery

Leanne Bellegarde (LLB’91)
Merlis Belsher (BComm’57, LLB’63)
Shannon Dyck, (BA’09, MES’12) young alumni recipient
Fred Fulton (BSA’50, PGD’68. MCtgEd’72)
Dr. Donald Greve (BA’58, MD’60)
The Hon. Terry Lake (DVM’86)
Scott McCreath (BComm’69)
Heather Morrison, (BFA’08) young alumni recipient
Mike O’Kane (BE’92, MSc’96)
Sheila Pocha (BEd’86, PGD’97, MEd’00)
Andrew Schmitz (BSA’63, MSc’65, DLitt’99)


Watch highlights of the 2013 awards reception
View the 2013 awards photo gallery

The Hon. Charles (Charlie) Mayer, P.C., BSA’64
Donald (Don) A. Mitchell, BA’69, MA’73
Dr. James Ogloff, MA’86
Prof. Emeritus Dufferin (Duff) Spafford, BA’59, MA’61

Young Alumni Achievement Award:
Dr. Farrah Mateen, 


Watch videos from the 2012 awards reception
View the 2012 awards photo gallery

Austin Beggs, BA’74
Dr. Sasha Bernatsky, BSc’88
Dr. Anne Doig, MD’76
Elaine Golds, BA’64
Digvir Jayas, PhD’87
Prof. Emeritus Radhey Lal Kushwaha, PhD’67
Robert (Bob) McKercher, BA’50, LLB’52
Dr. Bruce McManus, BAPE’67, MD’77
Chancellor Emeritus Edward (Ted) Turner, D/Agric’48, honorary LLD’89
Garrett Wilson, BA’53, LLB’54

Young Alumni Achievement Awards:
Natasha Haskey, BSNutr’98, MSc’07
Karl Miller, BA’98, BComm’01


B. E. (Bev) Allen, BSP’73
Tony Dagnone, 
L. David Dubé, 
Rui Feng, 
Edward Hudek, 
Ken Linnen, 
Terrence Veeman,

In 2011, the format of the awards changed, eliminating the previous categories of awards.

Alumni Award of Achievement
1979 Mr. W. Hugh Arscott, BComm’48
1980 Dr. J. Francis Leddy, BA’30, MA’31, PhD, LLD’65
1981 Dr. Howard T. Fredeen, BSA’43, MSc(Alta), PhD (Iowa)
1982 Mr. Henry J. Fast, BSc’40
1983 Dr. Clayton O. Person, BA’49, MS’51, PhD (Alta)
1984 Dr. Jack Shaw, BA’34
1985 Mr. Norman K. Rebin, BA’59
1986 Mr. Lyman R. Hill, BEd’68, P/G Dip Ed. Admin’70, MEd’79
1987 Dr. Neil S. Crawford, BA’51, LLB’54
1988 Dr. Robert G. Robertson, LLD’59, BA (Oxford), MSc (TOR)
1989 Professor Jack L. Summers, BSP’49, MSP’52 (Iowa)
1990 Mrs. M. Lorraine Hill, BSN’60, M/Cont. Ed’79
1991 Mrs. Marian A. Younger, BA’28, BComm’53
1992 Mrs. Ann L. Schulman, BSN’65
1993 Dr. V. Elizabeth Dowdeswell, BSHEc’66, MSc (Utah), LLD’94
1996 Dr. G.W. (Scotty) Cameron, BComm’55, LLD’97
1997 Mr. F.J. Hartley Fredeen, BSA’43, MSc’51
1997 Mrs. Margaret Fredeen, BSN’47
1998 Dr. Gwenna M. Moss, BSHEc’59, MSc (WIS)’68, PhD (WIS)’70
1999 Mr. Gordon A. Wilson, BSA'48
2000 Mr. Harold H. MacKay, BA'60, LLB'63 (DAL)
2001 Mr. William Thomas (Tom) Molloy, BA'64, LLB'64
2002 Dr. Vera R. Pezer, BA'62; MA'64; PhD'77
2003 Dr. Louise Forsyth, BA'55; MA'63 (UWO); PhD'66 (UWO)
2004 Dr. Ernest (Ernie) Walker, C.M., S.O.M., BEd'71, MA'78, PhD'80 (TEX)
2005 Dr. Bryan Harvey, BSA'60, MSc'61, PhD'64 (CAF)
2006 Dr. Glen Baker, BSP'70, MSc’72, PhD’74, DSc’00 
2007 Mr. W. Brett Wilson, BE'79
2008 Dr. Russ Kisby, BAPE'63, LLD'96
2009 Dr. Malcolm Wilson, MSc'77, PhD'81
2010 Dr. Ernest Olfert, BA'65, DVM'69, MSc'76

 Alumni Honour Award
1998 Ms. Arlis McQuarrie, Dip PT'73; BPT (ALT)'77; BA'79
1999 Ms. Ruth Smillie, 1st year BFA, 1973-74
2000 Mr. William Thomas (Tom) Molloy, BA'64, LLB'64
2001 The Honorable Allen B. Sulatycky, BA'62, LLB'62
2002 Dr. Milkha Singh Aulakh, BSc'72 Guru Nanak Dev Univ (India), MSc'74 Punjab Agric Univ (India), PhD'83
2003 Dr. Sharon Butala, Bed'62; BA'63; PGD'73, LLD'00 (Regina)
2004 Dr. John Leonard (Len) Gusthart, BEd'69, BA'71, MEd'75
2005 Ms. Tania Miller, BMusEd'91
2006 Dr. William (Bill) Waiser, S.O.M., MA'76, PhD'83
2007 Mr. Don Bateman, BE'56

Alumni Excellence in Aboriginal Initiatives Award
2005 Mr. Orest Murawsky, BA'71, BEd'74, MEduc'75
2006 Ms. Marie (Sharon) LaFlamme, BEd'91, PGD'01
2007 Mr. Richard Dubé, BMUSED'94
2008 Mr. Gordon Martell, BEd'91, MEduc'98
2009 Mr. Cort Dogniez, BEd'79, PGD'92
2010 Dr. Cecil King, BEd'73, MEduc'75

Alumni Humanitarian Award
1998 Ms. Grace Davis Pine, BSc '30, Med. Cert. '31
1999 Mr. Gordon A. Wilson, BSA'48
2000 Mr. Ivan D. Yaholnitsky, BA'79, MA'86
2001 Mr. Douglas C. Hodson, Bcomm'81, LLB'84
2002 Mr. Norman Rebin, BA'59 Mrs. Delva Rebin, BA'58
2003 Mr. Peter Zakreski, BA'61
2004 Mr. David Rodney, BA'87, BEd'88
2005 Ms. Eileen Skinnider, LLB’87, Dr. Marie Skinnider, MD’87, & Ms. Kathleen Skinnider, BSN’91
2006 Dr. Ann McCaig, C.M.; A.O.E, BEd’61, LLD'01
2007 Ms. Sylvia Cholodnuik, BSHEC'85
2008 Mr. Levi Goertz, BE'04
2009 Mr. Lorne Gelowitz, S.V.M., BA'83
2010 Mr. Garth Herbert, Bcomm'91

Alumni Service Award
1998 Mr. Glenden (Glen) W. Hass, BSA’60; Ed Dip’65; BEd’66; MCEd’76
1999 Mr. Gordon A. Wilson, BSA'48
2000 FOCUS (Friends of the College of Engineering, University of Saskatchewan) - Calgary Chapter
2001 Mr. Robert E. Brack, BSA'52, MSc'61 (WIS)
2002 Ms. Patricia (Pat) F. Currie, BA'59; MA'62
2003 Dr. Donald Stefiuk, BSC'73; MD'77
2004 Mr. Kenneth Ready, BSP'53
2005 Ms. Catherine Gryba, BSPE’84
2006 Dr. David Keegan, BA’60 (Cum Laude), MD’64
2007 Ms. Carrie Allen, BA'00
2008 Dr. 
Don Hamilton, BSc'68, DVM'70, PHD'74
2009 Ms. Susan Milburn, Bcomm'78, MBA'80
2010 Ms. 
Laurel Krause, BSHEc '75, BEd'77

Alumni Mentorship Award
1999 Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation
2000 Mr. Richard L. Johnson, BSN'70, BA'86
2001 Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon
2002 Ms. Patricia (Pat) A. Thomas, BCOMM'89 (U os S), CA'80 (Sask), CACE'00 (UVic)
2003 Mr. Alan Thomarat, BA'95
2004 Mr. Jerold (Jerry) J. Peters, BA'87, BEd'88, MEd'96 (VIC)
2005 Professor Margaret Crossley, BA’82, MA’84, PhD’89
2006 Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, MA’87, PhD’91
2007 Mr. Brent Banda, MBA'01, BCOMM'97
2008 Dr. Jocelyne Martel, MD'90
2009 Ms. Betty-Ann Heggie, BEd'75
2010 Dr. William Frischke, DVM'76

Outstanding Young Alumni Award
2000 Dr. Aaron James Marshall, BSc'92, PhD'97 (TOR)
2001 Mr. Trent McConaghy, BSc'99, BE(EL)'99
2002 Mr. Christopher (Chris)D. Labrecque, BSc'99;BE(EP)'99
2003 Mr. Benjamin Voss, BE'99
2004 Ms. Garnette Weber, BSPT'96 and Mr. Daniel Weber, BSC'96
2005 Mr. Amit Gupta, BE(EE)’99, BSc’99
2006 Dr. Thomas Yu, DMD’03
2007 Mr. Andrew McCreath, BA'99
2008 Mr. Chad Hamre, BE'05
2009 Dr. Alika Lafontaine, MD'06
2010 Ms. Kelly-Anne Riess, BA'02